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Shell Core Casting

shell cores

Shell core casting or shell moulding as it is also known as a process for creating a core that is used in foundry casting. Resin coated sand is blown into a preheated core box which is typically heated to temperatures between 220 - 235 degrees centigrade. The heated core box bonds the grains of sand together to create the finished shell core. This core can then be used in a die to create interior contours in a casting.

The completed shell core can be used in a range of casting applications to create complex, consistent and accurate interior shapes. These castings benefit from good interior surface smoothness, very few surface defects and good dimensional accuracy. The shell core can easily be removed after casting using heat treatment and other knockout processes.

At Skaigh Engineering we have two Fordath Shell Core machines which allow us to create shell cores for castings that require complex interior shapes to be created with high dimensional accuracy. These shell cores can be used in both gravity die casting and sand casting processes and at Skaigh Engineering we are experts in both of these services.

Shell cores are created using resin-coated sand to form a hollow shell core when blown into a core box. A good shell core is a requirement for producing a high-quality casting with a complex or detailed interior design. At Skaigh Engineering we have the skills, experience and equipment to produce shell cores for a wide range of casting applications.

At Skaigh Engineering, we have been in business since 1965 and are experts in Aluminium gravity die casting and sand casting with batch runs of between 10 and 1000 units. We are specialists in aluminium and zinc alloys including LM25, LM6, LM9, LM4, ZL12, ZL27 and A356. Quality and consistency are important to us and we operate to BS EN ISO 9001 2015 standards.

To find out more about our shell core casting and Aluminium casting services get in touch with us today on 01626 852 159 and we'll be happy to help.

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